How to Drink More Water

Hey Healthy Friends!   Staying hydrated can be tough, especially if you find water a bit boring, but here are a few simple ways to Jazz up your water and make it easier to stay hydrated.   1.  Make a fruit infusion. Add some fruits to a big jug, fill with water and leave in…

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Green smoothie

Green Smoothie Breakfast Recipe

I love to start my day with a green smoothie.  It is the perfect way to get nutrition into the body first thing in the morning – especially if you aren’t keen on having a full breakfast. I have found that you can’t go too wrong with green smoothies.  Here is my simple green breakfast…

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Sprints for Fat Loss and Fitness

Sprinting is something that a lot of people think they can’t do.  They believe that you have to be fast and you have to be super fit in order to do sprints, but that simply isn’t true.  Anyone can add sprints into their weekly workout schedule to increase fitness and to burn fat.  Here’s how;…

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Just Do It Already- A bit of Tough Love

It’s remarkable how many people tell me that they hate to exercise.  One of the common reasons (excuses?) is that they don’t enjoy it. Where did we get this notion that we should only exercise if we enjoy it?  I’d love for you to find something you enjoy, and I suggest trying out lots of…

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Change comes from you

There are many situations in this world that we wish were different.  Whether thats a situation at work, at home or further afield, we are often frustrated by our lack of power to change things.   We must start by changing ourselves.  If we lead by example, we have incredible power to inspire others to…

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Get an Accountability Partner

  I want you to get yourself an accountability partner.  someone you can check in with when you’ve done your workout, someone who can talk you out of eating that huge block of chocolate, someone you can trust to keep you on track.     It’s important for your accountability partner to be someone with…

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