Make Your Big Dreams Happen


big dreams

If you had big dreams at the beginning of the year, but they just haven’t happened yet, try this tehnique and make them happen,

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All you need is 15 Minutes


Sometimes we can get really overwhelmed with the stuff on our to-do list, often working out and eating healthily can get moved to the very bottom.  In this video i’m giving away my top tip to fitting it all in!


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BE the Inspiration






You can be an inspiration to others.  Everywhere we look we see fitspiration.  We see women with incredible bodies, and it is a fantastic thing to aspire to, but what if YOU were the inspiration.   Now I don’t mean for you to go out and diet like crazy in an attempt to be as lean as possible, but what if you, right now, TODAY were an inspiration to others?

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Instead of looking to others for inspiration, you can inspire others through your actions.  By living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, having balance in your life, moving your body in a way that makes you happy.  Most importantly its about having fun, and staying positive and showing people that living a healthy lifestyle actually isn’t that difficult. So when we focus on inspiring other people, we find that we inspire ourselves.  By lifting others up, we lift up and support ourselves, and all of a sudden the whole process becomes a lot easier.


By spreading the message of health and fitness, something clicks in our brains and we start to see that we are already living a healthy active lifestyle, we are already fit, and strong, and that is going to propel us forwards and help us to become better and better each day.


I’m not saying that it isn’t possible to get a super lean awesome body, because it is, but it takes 100% dedication.  For the average woman, this probably isn’t the right goal.  I really want you to focus on how you can accept yourself right now, rather than how you can achieve the perfect body.  Focus on being healthy instead. because at the end of the day, what you look like doesn’t really matter.  Forget about the weight loss and focus on being health.  That will then shine through in everything that you do, and the weight loss will happen without you even thinking about it.

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Create Your Own Relaxing Retreat Day




Do you need to relax?  Do you wish you could head out to a fancy retreat and escape your to-do list for the day?  Watch today’s video where i’ll tell you how you can re-create a relaxing retreat day in your very own home.


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I often talk to my clients about self care.  What that means is looking after yourself before you look after others.  So often we are busy running around after everyone else, making sure they are happy, and have what they need, that we often neglect ourselves.  So my challenge for you today is to set aside some time for your very own relaxing retreat.


This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost any money at all, and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.  All you need is one clear day in your calendar.    So once you’ve cleared a day and you have no commitments, appointments or requirements I want you to start thinking about activities that make you feel relaxed.   So for me it would be reading a book, having a long bubble bath or going for a leisurely walk.  These are all things that make me feel relaxed, but also energised.  So make a list of all the things that make you feel really good, and schedule them into your relaxing retreat.


Make sure that one of your activities is something active.  I don’t mean you have to do a hard core workout (although you can if you want) but choose something that is going to get you moving like a long walk, yoga or some stretching.


Pull out all your nice smellies and cosmetics that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and pamper yourself.


Now, you want to make sure you have healthy nutritious food available and ready on hand (I’d suggest preparing this the night before) so that you aren’t reaching for a quick fix throughout the day.  You want to support that feeling of looking after yourself, and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, so you need to feed your body the right foods.


You may be thinking that taking a whole day to yourself to rest and relax is a bit selfish and lazy, and you might be stressing about all the job that you should be doing, but I promise you, just by taking one day to yourself will be powerful.  You will feel so much better.  You’ll have more energy and you’ll be happier, making your to-do list easier to get through.


The final thing I want you to do on your relaxing retreat day is to unplug from technology.   Turn the phone off, turn the computer off and take a full day dis-connected from the world so you can re-connect with yourself.


It is so important that you take some time to look after yourself, because if you aren’t happy and supporting yourself, then you aren’t going to be able to support other people, and your relationships, your work and your health will suffer.


I want to hear from you.  Tell me in the comments below what your relaxing retreat day will look like!






How to Cope with Unsupportive People


how to cope

It’s hard when the important people in our lives don’t support us in our journey to become healthier.  In this video i’m going to show you how you can get them on board.

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Initially you want to explain to them really clearly what you are trying to achieve.  Whether it is losing weight, stopping eating a certain food, or becoming fitter and healthier, I want you to explain in as much detail as you can, what it is want.

We then want to tell them WHY we want to achieve this goal.  When people understand why you are doing things it is much easier for them to be able to support you.

Once they understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it, you then want to give them really clear instructions on HOW you want them to help you.  Its time to be really specific.  A lot of the time your loved ones want to support you, but they don’t know how.  For example if you are trying to lose weight, you aren’t going to want to eat junk food when you go to visit.  In this instance you can ask them in advance to prepare something specific, or you can offer to bring your own food.  If it is people you are living with, you can ask them not to bring foods that are going to tempt you into the house, and maybe you need to talk to your partner and your family to help motivate you to keep going to your fitness sessions.  Remember to be really clear with your instructions, and give them specific things they can do to support you.   When people are given instructions it is easier for them to follow through.

It is really important now that you have your family on board to stick to your guns and follow through with your actions.  A lot of people have a track record of telling their family they are making a change and then not seeing it through.  If you tell everyone you aren’t eating pizza any more, but give in every time, you will get to a point when people stop believing you – which is why they always serve it.  It isn’t necessarily that they aren’t being supportive, they just haven’t seen the evidence yet that you mean business.  If this is you, then you may still find some resistance in the initial stages, but once your family see that you are actually sticking with it this time, they will be there for you.

Have you had success with getting your friends and family to support you?  Let me know in the comment below!